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Texans are Packing

A billboard on Interstate 45 is raising some eyebrows - and awareness of gun rights laws in Texas.
By KTRH's John Labus
Thursday, November 20, 2008
It's a little-known fact, according to co-founder Mike Stollenwerk, "Texas is one of only six states in our nation that bans the open carry of handguns... and that's kind of odd, because Texas is - at the end of the day - pro gun."

Peter Hamm with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says he's torn on the issue, because he says this is better than "concealed carry"; However, "If you have a gun in plain sight, you make other people nervous. Does that include a criminal who might be thinking of attacking you? Sure, we'll give that point; but you make the entire community nervous."

Gun store owner Jim Pruett and his employees have already signed the open carry petition, saying the fears of gun control advocates in this case are unfounded.

"These people will still go through the Concealed Carry Program, which would be administered by the Department of Public Safety; and you have to have a background check, you have to be a law abiding citizen, and you would have a right to carry... I think it would be a deterrent to crime."

Pruett says criminals are less likely to engage someone if they can already see they're packing heat.