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Thread: Does Santa OC ?

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    At first I was going to ask some questions about the PC of OC during Christmas activities, Christmas dinner, shopping, caroling, etc... but then I started looking at crime statistics for holidays..

    Merry Christmas! Ho, Ho, HOLD it right there!

    I have seen some pretty violent acts during the buying frenzy the day after Thanksgiving.. g/f loves to be out there at 4 am for those sales..

    (to jingle bells)

    Dashing through the house,
    lookin for a place to hide.
    Obama's security force,
    is waiting right outside.

    They heard I have some guns,
    They've come to take them away.
    To make this country safer,
    no telling who I'll slay!

    Ammo cans, ammo can, full of .223.
    Stocking up before the ban,
    evil black guns for me...
    Ammo can, ammo cans, full of 7.62.
    You can't call it paranoia,
    when they really are out ta get you!

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    An Open Carry Christmas

    I finished all my shopping
    For Christmas gifts today
    And I open carried
    All along the way

    I saw old Friends and neighbors,
    And it was really fun,
    And not a single person was
    Frightened by my gun

    For I have open carried
    In rain and in snow
    For many, many years
    And this they all know

    They have been educated
    And some have been enlightened
    And these will prevent them
    From having to be frightened

    I'd like to think that somewhere
    Santa's sack's a little bigger
    Because some lucky person
    Has a gift with a trigger

    And all across America
    Handgun sales were bolstered
    Because our friends and neighbors
    Saw one safely holstered

    By - John Pierce (First published in the VCDL Defender)

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    We three hunters from Oregon are..

    Bearing rifles we traverse afar..

    Field and fountain, moore and mountain,

    Following yonder deer.

    (it's a rough draft.. hehe)

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