I posted this over on UCC, but also wanted to let everyone over here know what went on today.

Just got home from the shoot. It was, again, the best time ever. Too bad you missed it, Patty! Char (and I'm sorry, I cannot remember your sign-on ) was there and Sandy, our lovey and talented Range Master, brought her friend, Amber. Amber hadn't shot since high school, but quickly became "totally awesome" with the .22 rifle and pistol. Nice shootin' Amber!

Once again, Hyrax was there to provide us with some wonderful one-on-one real life situational training. He had us drawing our weapons from the holster and learning to sight in and shoot as well as how to use your vehicle as a shield, step out from behind it and fire if necessary. On one occassion when we had the range cleared, he went out in front of the cardboards we were shooting at to show us how our groupings would look against a "real live person". Needless to say, his training is excellent. Every one of us would have put our perp down and/or out for the count. We also practiced verbal communications and how to distance yourself if being approached.

This is the best training I personally have received to-date. My shooting capabilities have gone from so-so to WOW!!

I put out a new thread for the December shoot earlier today, so if you can, go over and take a look at the poll. See ya'll later!

FYI - The poll is over on UCC in the Ladies Only Section.