So I talked to him.

I was heading to the men's room to wash my hands, and there was a couple eating their dinner. The guy was Virginia Open Carrying (IWB Glock).

I walked up and said "I don't see many fellow oc'ers here."

I think he was taken aback that I even noticed. We exchangedfew words and I left them totheir dinner.

He came by my table later and told me that he was a little surprised that I noticed, as others usually don't.

Seemd like a good guy (of course, aren't all armed citizens), we talked for a few minutes, exchanged business cards.

I asked him if he everreads these boards or others, he said 'no.'

He didn't seem interested in participating in any of our lunches or dinners.

He was one of the very few I've seen carrying around here, it was good to see.