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Thread: First OC in Nevada.. Interesting experence

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    So, I came up to Nevada this weekend for the reno gun show, I loaded up as soon as I crossed the state line, I tossed my Glock 19 in a fobus paddle holster in my glove box, as I was going straight to the show. I went to the show, man was it packed, I skipped half the booths because I just didnt feel like pushing down the aisle to look at some old bolt action .270 rifles.
    I left the show and drove to Carson City to visit some family, we were staying at the Motel 6 in Carson. I got there, and holstered my Glock, as I was walking up to the room, I noticed a van with two hispanic people take notice to me, but I walked past various cleaning staff without as much as a quick glance. We then took off and drove over to my family's house. We then decided to go out to dinner at El Charro in Carson City. Nobody seemed to notice except towards the end the waitress took a double take when I stood up to leave. She took about a 1 sec look at the gun and then said thanks for coming and we left without incident.
    Now the part that concerned me.. As we returned to the hotel, the two people next door to us decided this was a great time to have a domestic dispute. A woman was pounding on the door screaming for the man inside to open up.. Great.. Now my heart is going. However, she was too fixated on screaming at her partner to notice my firearm. I went inside the room and unpacked while listening to them throw things, curse, and be generally disorderly until Carson City Sheriff's department showed up and took one of them to jail.

    I plan on OC'ing again when I return to Nevada again soon.. Just thought I would share..

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    Well, at least you have something to remember. I can't remember my first OC, it was too uneventful. :celebrate

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