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Thread: Raasco Grips

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    First...I have ZERO affiliation with this company.

    There was a very big gunshow this past weekend here in the DC area. It was my every intention to find a new toy to take home. However my conscience got the best of me and I talked myself out of spending the money. I compromised with myself by promising to buy some new grips for my 1911.

    Anyways I found Raasco Grips ( online and was really excited about the variety and cool selection available to order through their website. I got the grips today but they were not cut properly for my Taurus. I emailed the company and immediately got an email back explaining to me why the grips do not fit my gun and asking me to mail them back so that they could very quickly fix them and mail them back. I should also mention that I received the grips in 2 days...they are in CA and I am in VA.

    I believe in giving good feedback on companies that provide a good product and good service and Raasco has been very impressive so far.

    Just a thought for anyone looking for some cool new grips for their 1911.....

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    Nice looking stuff. I might get a set of the "bloodwood" for $20.

    Although, I rarely carry a 1911 that isn't wearing my Vu Kim Son water buffalo bone grips.

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