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Thread: Let's get H.476 out of committee, shall we?

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    I emailed every single person on the committee (first link) where it's stalled.

    The second link is the bill text itself, if you're not already familiar with it.

    They've buried this one - and it needs resurrected. Pete

    *Okay, I've heard back from Rep. Alice Bordsen:

    "Mr. Yevchak,
    Session is over. Bills that did not make it through are dead. Someone would have to file it again after we are sworn in Jan. 28. That is the beginning of the new biennium.


    So what we're going to have to do is get in touch with the bills' original sponsor and get it added to next years' calendar. Pete

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    It may be time to start sending e-mails to all the committee members...Its time to modify this so called CASTLE DOCTRINE....Talk election & who we may vote for in the next election....Wait & see what happens........

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