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Thread: So I'm new to the area

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    Hey there! I just moved to Texas from Virginia. I was wondering if there were any gun shops/gun ranges not too distant to where I am. I am currently living in the Ft. Hood/Kileen area. I was hoping to look for some shops with a nice sized selection ( worked in a gunshop back home and was not really impressed in most of the shops there), and for a range that will allow me to shoot pistols and rifles.

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    Welcome to Texas! I am not familiar with that area personally, so I really can't point you in the right direction other than to say that I do believe that we have a few members there and you might want to update your profile to show your new location.
    The Texas area is kinda dominated by our push toward the Jan Legislative session and the Open Carry bill that is being introduced and it appears that your thread might have gotten accidentally buried with the moving of some other threads, so hopefully my reply will bump it and it will get noticed. Otherwise, watch the 'location' of others on the board, and if you see one from your area you might send them a PM.

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