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Thread: Question On Whether Eligible For Permit?

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    1st off I just want to say what a great web site! I heard about this web site from a radio call in show. They were discussing our rights to have guns for protection. I looked this site up and have been reading it for the last 2 hours.

    I am a 43 year old man. Married for 17 years, have a 11 year old son. I am a small business owner in my community for the last 15 years. I have not as much recieved a speeding citation in over 15 years. To say the least I have been a very well law abiding citizen for the last 20 something years. My problems stem from my past. In short, and not too make any excuses at ALL, I had a very rough time in life after my parents divorced after 32 years while I was a senior in high school. It seemed I just went into a tail spin at that point in my life.

    I was working at a department store at one time and was charged with stealing some clothes while at work. There were a couple of these type of situations in those years. One of my charges was a felony. How it was a felony I have no idea? At that time in my life I did not have much financial funds too gain any type of decent legal defense. Nothing I ever did involved any type of violence at all.

    I would like to obtain a permit to carry or transport a handgun in my vehicle, or to have in my house legally. My parents and I have really worked hard to rebuild our relationship over the years and my dad gave me a 9MM pistol that he did not have any use for anymore. It worries me that it is in my home with my record having a felony on it.

    Am I totally ineligible for a permit for the rest of my life? Or is there a board, committee that I can go in front of too plead my case?

    Thank you for allowing me to lay things out on the table without judgement, or please find the strength in you not too pass judgement on me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    hmm your gonna need to talk to a lawyer, I suggest maybe talking to DKing

    he is a GA lawyer, if the amount of clothes was worth over 500$ then id imagine that where the felony charge came from

    you can have your right restored(if you were convicted) if you lost them, but i still dont think you will be eligible to get a permit?? but ianal,but dking is

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    NavyLT wrote:
    There is a HUGE difference between being charged with a felony and being CONVICTED of a felony. First step is to figure out what you were CONVICTED of and don't worry about what you were charged with or arrested for.

    If you were NOT convicted, you may have to get the court that handled your case to file the final disposition. Lots of people that were charged with crimes in their early years and then had the charges dropped for whatever reason never got the right disposition filed in the case.

    If the probate court today can't clearly see that you were NOT convicted, they will not issue your license.

    It's a pretty simple process, but something your should know about.

    All that being said, if you know you were NOT convicted, go ahead and apply for your GFL and deal with any speedbumps as they come.

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    That long ago, and a juvy. Shouldn't even show up on your record. Unless
    they actualy go pull hard copy in the archives. But just apply, and then you have
    a trail to follow if you don't get it.

    The look on the sherrifs face when I said yes to arrest, but no idea why,
    never read my rights, and DA tore it up before I even got in front of judge.
    I was chomping at the bit to use my first constitutional defence, so I never
    heard the charge. Think it was a bench warrent for missing court on my
    no seatbelt ticket. I was there, ticket clearly said 9 p.m., not my fault the
    doors were locked.
    But the permit is in my wallet, next to my copy of constitution (OC permit),
    stops me from violating restrictions, by useing correct permit.
    Can't go into details, but my federal crime doesn't even show up for
    querries to purchase. Shocked me that even my security background check didn't
    catch it. Really gives you a warm fuzzy fealing that they are doing a good job.
    Maybe they were too busy trying to check out my commie travels to eastern block
    countries, and foreign contacts to worry about checking inside our borders.
    Gotta love the old paper file system. I feel sorry for todays 'citizens' with
    a SS# from birth they can tack everything to for latter recall.

    No traffic tickets, how do you expect the city to survive without its revenue.
    Go out there and run a yeild sign for g*d sake.

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