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Thread: CBS 42 News video on Texas Open Carry Movement

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    Vidoe linked from find and click on story in upper left box


    carrying of guns in Texas

    CBS 42 Reporter: Annalisa Petralia
    Last Update: 12/01 6:24 pm

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    Carrying Guns In Plain Sight

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    A pro-gun group that wants Texans to have the right to carry handgun in plain view has begun a public relations campaign.

    The group,, has bought time on Texas radio stations and put advertisements on Austin wanting people to support making Texas an Open Carry state.

    The group is working to get an open carry bill drafted in time for the legislative session, which begins in January.

    Gun enthusiast Larry Tufford lives in Round Rock and says an open carry law is a good idea.

    “I think the more armed citizens we have, the lower the crime will be,” he says.

    Right now, carrying a gun in plain sight is illegal in Texas.

    Texans who hold a concealed handgun permit can carry a gun and the sidearm must remain hidden.

    Some Central Texans say they don’t want people to carry their guns in plain view.

    Autumn Hake is mother and fears for what kind of environment an open carry law would create for her children.

    “It’s scary. Not my cup of tea,” she says.

    Greg Vanderpool feels the same.

    “I don’t think that’s the kind of environment I want to live in.”

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he believes if someone legally owns a gun, they should be allowed to carry one unconcealed.

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    WOW!!!!!!! Gotta love all the free advertisement. It sure would be nice if we could get now get some donars to help us out.

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    Dear Texans,
    Please sign the petition if you believe in open carry for TX. I have a CWL but would LOVE to open carry my weapon of choice that don't exactly fit well in my purse like my small 380 does.

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    At least the Governor approves of it. Now to geta bill to himso he cansign it....

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