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    I will be moving back to Georgia before the new year and will be applying for a GFL. I plan on CC'ing because as a funeral director I must dress the part. My question: Would it be lawful for me to carry to, from, and while at work? I do understand that under certain circumstances (entering a hospital, picking up records from government buildings) I still would not legally be able to carry.


    [size="...A public gathering is defined and includes, but is not limited too, athletic or sporting events, churches or church functions, political rallies and/or functions, publicly owned or operated buildings(Fed, state, or local government buildings), and establishments."]

    [size="...So basically a public gathering in addition to the 5 defined areas is an event or function that the general public gathers or will gather for. This may be a parade, music event, free contests, presentation speakers, or any other publicized event that the general public can gather for."]

    Would the chapel be considered a church? Would a funeral be considered a church function (if clergy are used). If obituaries are posted in the newspaper would that be a "publicized event that the general public can gather for"?.Am I unlucky enough to beprohibited by law to carry to, from, and while at work? I apologize for all of the what-if's, i'm just concerned. Thank you in advance.


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    If you are not the owner of the business then you'd need to see if there is a company employee handbook that specifically disallowed guns at work. if not, then technically you could carry to work. a funeral home isn't a church unless its got a publically available church attached. if you need to go to a government public building or a church (check HB89 as far as church), then you'll need to disarm yourself and leave your sidearm in the vehicle. if this is a work vehicle, then i'm not sure if liability insurance of the company would cover any issues directly attributed to leaving said sidearm in the vehicle.
    a chapel isn't a church, but a private place of worship. so i would imagine that you could carry in such a place.
    the bottom line is that if you are carrying concealed and you may need to travel to suspect locations, then your safety should come first, just be mindful.

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