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Thread: Gun banner in Washington State praises Texas CHL

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    Kristen Comer runs a gun-ban group in the State of Washington. When she went on the radio recently, she tried to bash Washington CPL (concealed pistol permits) licensees. The way she went about it was to portray the Texas CHL licensees as "good", and Washinton CPL licensees as "bad".

    The next time some liberal in Texas claims that CHL licensees are irresponsible and untrained, you can refer them to Kristen Comer's interview.

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    -- interview snip--

    (7:40) I think you're right, I think you're saying 'alot of them' [DJ: CHL holders are generally well-trained, geberally most concientious, responsible gun don't shoot unless you know what the background is, you don't engage unless you absolutely have to]. Unfortunately here in Washington state, unlike Texas, Texas has a great program for their conceal carry permit holders. Texas makes sure, in order to get your concealed carry permit in Texas you need to go through a firearm training course. In that firearm training course they specifically talk about being in a situation like happened at South Center mall this weekend. And being confronted with the choice of 'do I take out my gun' and take it and here in Washington state all you need to do to get your concealed carry permit is pass a background check. Now again..

    -- end snip--

    I am a current WA permit holder and CC for several years while stationed there. I did take an optional CCW training class. I am a TX resident.

    What I find ironic about this endorsement of TX's program by Ms Comer is that Nov 18, 2005, Gov Perry signed the Unilateral Proclamation which recognizes a WA permit based solely on Tx Gov't Code Section 411.173(b), which is "background check", period.

    Yet, WA does not recognize a TX permit due to an age restriction DESPITE TX's CHL permit program training. So, can Ms Comer's argument about "requiring training" be that valid? I think not.

    WA AG:

    Washington’s Firearms and Dangerous Weapons statute (RCW 9.41) was amended in 2004 to allow non-Washington residents to carry concealed weapons in Washington if they have obtained a concealed weapons permit from another state that meets certain conditions imposed by Washington’s reciprocity law, RCW 9.41.073. Those conditions are:
    1. 1. The other state must have a reciprocal statute allowing Washington residents to carry concealed weapons in the other state if the resident has a Washington concealed pistol permit; and
    2. 2. The other state does not issue concealed pistol licenses to persons under twenty-one years of age; and
    3. 3. The state requires mandatory fingerprint-based background checks of criminal and mental health history for all persons who apply for a concealed pistol license.
    If the above conditions are met, the concealed weapons permit of an out-of-state resident will be recognized in Washington as long as the permit holder does not become a resident of Washington State. Additionally, the permit holder from another state must carry the handgun in compliance with the laws of Washington State*. Washington concealed pistol permits will be recognized in those states which have the reciprocal agreements with Washington. Washington residents should check the laws of the state they are traveling to, in order to comply with the concealed weapons permit law of that state.

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