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Good grief, this is just bizarre. His self defense claim is getting more and more precarious.

Sources: Internet Sex Ad Led to Arlington Murder

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This is an article from today's Washington Post:

WTOP web site does not have their coverage on line yet, but said a little bit ago the shooter is claiming he was in fear for his life. Apparently the shooter and victim did at least know each other.


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Police Question Man Who Says He Shot Visitor

By Jerry Markon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, December 9, 2008; B05

Arlington County police said yesterday that they are questioning a man who called them to report that he had shot a man in the home he was renting. No arrests have been made in the fatal shooting, police said.

Police arrived at the two-story, white-columned house at 2100 S. Arlington Ridge Rd. about 4 a.m. after a man inside made an emergency call. "He said, 'I've shot a man in my house, and he appears to be dead,' '' said Detective Crystal Nosal, an Arlington police spokeswoman.

When police arrived, they found a white man in his 30s dead from gunshot wounds, Nosal said. The man who placed the call, who is renting the house, is being questioned and is considered a suspect but had not been charged, police said. A woman who was also in the house was questioned and released.

Police would not identify the victim or the man in custody or provide a motive for the shooting. Nosal said that the three knew one another and that the dead man and the woman had been visiting the other man. She said initial reports that the man renting the house had told police he shot an intruder were incorrect.

"The people in the neighborhood should not worry that this is related to some stranger coming over to the house and breaking in,'' Nosal said. "The people were there because they knew the renter, and it developed from there.''

The $791,000 house is owned by Pilar and Sergio Micheli, owners of the nearby Portofino Italian restaurant in Crystal City. Their daughter, Maria Puletti, who runs the restaurant, said her parents recently downsized and moved to Florida after living in the neighborhood for more than 30 years. She said they rented the house over the summer to a man "who always paid his rent on time.''

"We don't know what happened,'' Puletti said. "It's disturbing, especially for this neighborhood. This doesn't happen in Arlington.''

Police said it was the county's third homicide this year. An autopsy of the victim is scheduled for today, Nosal said.

Staff researcher Meg Smith contributed to this report.