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Thread: Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Annoucnement about Open Carry Radio Show going on right now!

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    Radio Talk Show Discussion of Texas Open Carry Initiative
    This is a courtesy event-notification. My participation is as a member of another group. Houston Area Campaign for Liberty is not sponsoring this event.

    I'm scheduled to be on a local Houston radio talk show to discuss the Texas Open Carry effort. Many don't know but Texas is one of only 6 states that completely prohibit the Open Carry of a handgun, as in, not concealed but open to view. The other 44 states "allow" us to exercise our right to self-defense.

    In Texas you can walk down the street with a rifle, which would be impractical for self defense, but not a handgun. While you can get a concealed-handgun license, the law restricts CHL to those over 21. Currently it takes 6 months or longer to get a permit to protect yourself.

    This will be an hour-long discussion about open carry. We'll explore some of the history of the prohibition, what we mean by open carry, what we're asking the legislature to do, pros and cons.

    Show: The Christian Politician
    Time: 10:00 am (CST)
    Length: about 1 hour
    Station: AM 1050 (Houston area)
    Streaming broadcast: http://<a href="http://www.kchnradio......</font></a>
    Additional information: http://www.opencarry....

    Please listen in and give me feedback

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    i couldnt get that link to work, did anyone hear this?

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