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Thread: Lawsuit to allow CC on U of Colorado

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    There's also video coverage/interviews on the main page.

    Group seeks to have C.U. gun ban overturned by Hendrik Sybrandy, News2
    December 11, 2008
    A group called Students for Concealed Carry on Campus has filed suit to overturn the University of Colorado's ban on concealed handguns. The lawsuit, filed Thursday in El Paso County District Court, challenges C.U.'s 1994 decision to prohibit those weapons on any of its campuses. SCCC claims a state law, passed in 2003, does not rule out concealed weapons on Colorado campuses.
    "The State Legislature already made the decision in our view that you can carry on campus," said William Perry Pendley, Mountain States Legal Foundation president. "We're taking the position the State Legislature's correct and the law does apply." Mountain States filed the suit on behalf of SCCC and three C.U. students.
    Pendley believes allowing students should be allowed to carry weapons if they believe it would enhance their security.
    “I think all Coloradans are very sensitive about the possibility of a crazed gunman coming into a gun-free zone,” said Pendley. “If they had a weapon on their person, they’re licensed to carry that weapon, they’d be in a position to protect themselves and their loved ones and others.”
    Colorado State University is currently the only university in Colorado that allows concealed weapons on campus, with a permit. Pendley said he’s challenging C.U.’s policy because the school is the “most visible.”
    C.U. says the suit is without merit. In a statement Thursday, the school said its core mission is “to educate students and maintain a safe learning and working environment for our students, faculty and staff... Police chiefs at C.U. and the vast majority at universities and colleges across the country believe that allowing weapons on campus is a bad idea.”
    School spokesman Ken McConnellogue said those police chiefs "believe that having people making split second life and death decisions, they want professionals doing that."
    The university says a ruling by then-Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar in 2003 supported their view that C.U. Regents have the power to set school policy, no matter what the State Legislature decides.

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    Yeah, like the pro's at Virginia Tech.... Where were they when the 32 were killed, and the professionals couldn't even manage to get the perp before he shot himself?

    Thanks, but I'd rather not leave my life in the hands of someone who clearly can't make it to me in time to save it.

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