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Thread: Visiting in OR for a week

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    Hay all! First off, this is my first post, and I think this is a wonderful place!

    As a California resident, I am looking (once again) at leaving my beloved home state because I am tired of the criminals having the legal protection. In February I will visit some friends/family in Beaverton, Portland & Gaston (for a week). As far as my observations of various discussions on this and different boards, the handgun laws seem to be slightly more "law abiding citizen gun owner friendly" in Oregon as opposed to CA where one might see a lawmaker tearing a SA away from a LAGO resident in their own home and handing it to a gangbanger on the street... OK enough of that...

    My question is this: In a nutshell, what can I do as a visitor in those areas (and traveling through in a pick-up) of OR with my Sig P226? Do I have to keep my HG locked in a container in the rear of my pick-up, and does it have to be unloaded with the ammo separate? Do some of the CA laws still apply to me even though I'm in OR? Are there different county "restrictions", and is there such thing as a "temporary CHL" in OR?

    My main reasons for going is to search for homes (including pre-and current foreclosures) & apartments, but also to visit friends/family.

    Thanks again for a great forum!


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    My advice to you is this:
    As soon as you cross the border, pull over. Put on a holster and wear your sig with pride.

    ok, so make sure you know Oregon's laws on firearms too. It is a fairly friendly state for OC. When you are here, CA's firearms laws do not apply to you. There are a few certain cities that ban OC without a CHL. Make sure you know those cities. If you are just driving through the city I believe it is OK to OC in your vehicle (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong). Just don't stop there. There is a list of those cities in another post somewhere in the Oregon forum. are the Oregon statutes that address firearms.

    While you're here, see if you can get a sheriff to give you a CHL. Wouldn't hurt to get it done so you have it when you move.

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