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Thread: District Court Upholds Chicago Gun Ban

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    This was a temporary loss for us, however even the judge hinted that this decision will most likely be overturned.

    "This court should not be misunderstood as either rejecting or endorsing the logic of plaintiff's argument. It may well carry the day before a court that is unconstrained by the obligation to follow the unreversed precedent of a court that occupies a higher position in the judicial firmament," the decision stated.

    After all, they are still bound by the 7th Circuit precedent because the 2A was never incorporated (cross my fingers that this case or the Nordyke casewill do that).

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    While I certainly understand the courts hands being tied by a superior court's precedents, and the judge certainly sounds sympathetic, I still think it is far past time to buy the O'Leary family a few new cows and a couple of kerosene lanterns.
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