CSU faculty council wants campuswide weapons policy

BY HALLIE WOODS • • December 18, 2008

CSU Faculty Council has asked the university's administration to formulate a weapons policy because it would create a safer environment for students and employees.

Colorado State University has not adopted its own policy and follows state law, which allows weapons on campus if a person has a concealed weapons permit. Weapons are, however, banned from CSU residence halls or apartments.

“We don't have our own and that's rare. Most (higher education institutions) have a pretty strict weapons policy,” said Richard Eykholt, chair of CSU’s faculty council.

The University of Colorado system and the University of Northern Colorado have both have policies that make it illegal to have weapons—firearms, explosives and other dangerous or illegal weapons— on campus. The University of Denver, a private university, also banned weapons from campus, said Jim Berscheidt, a DU spokesman.

“CSU Police looked at that issue in 2003, and our chief of police determined there wasn’t, at that time, concrete information on whether it was safer to allow or not allow individuals with a permit to carry, therefore the decision was made that to follow the law,” said university spokesman Brad Bohlander.

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