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Thread: Moorcroft / Gillette Area

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    Anyone had any good or bad situations while Open Carrying in these areas? I know the cops in Moorcoft tent to act like morons due to thier lack of 'action'....and I wanted to test the water before I bring my AZ habbits up there....

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    In Gillette I had no problem, but I was just a "local" and fit in back then. That's the key to a great many things, looking like you fit in.
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    I open carry an XD .45 at all times, everywhere I go in Wyoming and South Dakota. No real problems and no hassles. I'm an older woman, so that helps a lot I'm sure.

    My suggestion: Dress clean and neat, look confident and friendly - SMILE, and don't be afraid to answer questions when folks ask you about the gun. Most of the questions I get are from people who are passing through or newcomers, but so far almost all have been friendly.

    The cutest was a young clerk in a store who breathlessly asked if that was a "real gun." When I told her it most certainly was, she beamed and said she couldn't wait to be old enough to have one herself. We talked about the great responsibility that went with it, especially carried all the time. She agreed to get some real training before she decided on whether or not to carry.

    Lots and lots of opportunity to educate people about their basic right to self defense. I carry a card to hand out to those who ask. Feel free to print it out or make up your own.
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