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Thread: question not related to OC, but is necessary to ask in the Tn. section instead of the General area

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    Could any of the LEOs out there in Tennessee tell me what the medical physical consists of when applying to a police department? While not anti-leo (I'm anti-abuse), I am interested in corrections or prisoner transfer with a nearby Sheriffs' department, but I'm not a particular fan of doctors.

    Physical fitness requirements would not be a major issue for me--I am heavy into physical fitness. The problem with me--I just can't stand going to the doctor.

    if it is inappropriate to post here, please forgive--but this is for Tennessee only, as I am sure that other states have different requirements.

    if you choose you can PM me instead of a general reply.

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    I'm not a LEO, nor have i ever portrayed one on TV, I suspect that due to insurance issues, you will have to submit to some sort of physical examination prior to being hired.

    Sorry, you're going to have to go to a doctor for that.

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