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Thread: Cold weather question

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    Hey all, I'm still fairly new at the carrying game, and I had a question.

    I live in sunny Grand Forks, North Dakota, and the temperature the past few days has been minus 17 with a minus 30-40 windchill. Usually when I'm out and about I have my .380 ppk in a nylon holster inside a coat pocket. Couple that with the thick winter gloves that are needed for going to and fro, I seriously doubt I'd be able to get my firearm into action in less than...three seconds maybe?

    So my question is, does anyone have any special techniques for carrying in arctic weather conditions to allow a faster response?

    Also, when it is SERIOUSLY cold outside, is there any particular gun that would work better than another. (ie will a semi auto have problems with the slide getting cold, would a revolver have better reliability?)

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    Well, I live in Alaska and having carried and hunted in below zero temps for years now, I will say that you still have many options. The North Slope Borough Police, the Alaska State Troopers, and Anchorage Police carry Glock pistols. Obviously, the Glock platform functions realiably in the colder environments. I can confirm the dependability as a Glock owner that has carried them in and out of town in cold, humid, dry, and wetenvironments.

    As for your carry options, it is difficult in the winter to OC when you are bundled up. One option would be to use a drop-leg holster or an Alaska Sportsman's Holster.

    If you choose to conceal but are concerned about accessibility for your firearm, one option you may consider would be a Safepacker system from Wilderness Tactical.

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    I haven't dealt with the sub-zero temps that you are, but when I hunt, I wear a pair of Mechanic's gloves and shooting mittens. That way I can keep my hands warm and still have trigger control. Mechanics gloves aren't super warm, but they do keep the wind and cold metal from touching your skin directly, and there is enough finger sensation to shoot. I wear them in the milder winters here as I can still shoot with them on. Might be worth a try for you.



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