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Thread: Upcoming campaign events for Virginia's most pro-gun AG candidate

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 or call 703-766-0635

    January 3rd - Loudoun Breakfast

    Rise & Shine Campaign Kick-Off Breakfast

    at The Three Oaks Restaurant at the Holiday Inn

    1500 East Market Street in Leesburg


    $35 per person/$50 per couple

    Sponsors (please): $1000, $500, $250 or $100

    RSVP to Meredith Quillen at or call 703-766-0635

    Thursday, January 8th - Newport News Luncheon

    A quick buffet lunch and speechifying from Noon-1pm

    At the Home of Cary Nunnally

    9 Hilton Terrace, Newport News 23601

    $35 per person/$50 per couple

    Sponsors encouraged: $1000, $500, $250 or $100

    RSVP to Cary Nunnally at 757-591-8479 by January 6th please

    Thursday, January 8th - Virginia Beach Fundraiser

    Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    At the (new) Home of Curly Byler (34th floor - come see the view!)

    Address to be provided shortly (and to RSVPs)

    $35 per person/$50 per couple

    Sponsors (please): $1000, $500, $250 or $100

    RSVP to Emily Stewart at or call 804-523-4538

    Friday January 9th - Roanoke Reception

    Hosted by Senator Ralph Smith,

    Ed Creed and Charles& Kimberly Dudley

    At the Dudley's home

    752 Scarlet Drive, Daleville 24083


    $35 per person/$50 per couple

    Sponsors needed: $1000, $500, $250 or $100

    RSVP to Emily Stewart at or call 804-523-4538

    Monday, Jan. 12

    SWAC Fundraiser at the home of Melissa and David Mello

    712 Pelham Drive, Waynesboro 22980


    $35 per person/$50 per couple

    Sponsors (please): $1000, $500, $250 or $100

    RSVP to Emily Stewart at or call 804-523-4538

    [/size]Donate Today!
    If you can't make these events, but you're willing to donate to support our pro-Constitution, pro-life, anti-tax, pro-business, smaller government, crime fighting campaign for Attorney General, please show your support and clicking here to donate today! We certainly need your help!

    Why today? Because the end of this month is the end of our reporting period, so please help us report as well as we can. Also, unlike our competitors, I cannot raise funds during the General Assembly session -- so we need to raise money now, won't you please help us today by clicking here?

    Thank you in advance for your generosity!

    Cuccinelli Captains
    Like you, we have a monthly budget that we have to meet to run our campaign. As the campaign goes forward, (unfortunately) the budget needs grow. I want to ask each of you today to become a "Cuccinelli Captain." Our Captains are folks that commit to donating once a month for the duration of the campaign. Normally, we do this using credit card donations, but you can mail in such a donation if you choose.

    We call those that are willing to help us in this way our "Cuccinelli Captains." Upon signing up, we will send you a copy of Michael Deaver's "Why I am a Reagan Conservative." Sound appropriate? It did to us too!

    These sustaining donors will commit to making a contribution every single month (except February, 2009, as we'll be in session). These "Captains" of our campaign will also qualify for special event upgrades during the course of the campaign. This is a great way for donors to help us best - for the long term. Are you in for the long haul? If so, please put your money where your mouth is, as we need your help!

    To join this program, please email and she will get you set up as a Captain today!

    I want to thank all of you that have become Cuccinelli Captains. Your long-term commitment is moving and motivating, and I very much appreciate it!

    For those that prefer, you can now use Discover and American Express to donate, and if you have a PayPal account, you can use that too! Why don't you give it a try?!

    Fighting Back!
    If you're looking for a way to start fighting to bring back the GOP, please join us, as we've been fighting for years! The race we're in right now is about getting delegates for next year's convention. Please go to our website today and commit to being a convention delegate to the 2009 convention ... and get your family and friends to sign up too! We'd also love it if you'd agree to volunteer!

    A Note On Chrysler
    Following our Compass on the Auto-Bailout, several folks advised me that Chrysler is not owned by Daimler-Benz (a German company), rather, it is owned primarily by Cerberus Capital, an American venture capital fund based in New York City.

    Beyond that, I don't know anything about Cerberus; however, it is a strange name for a company. Wikipedia states that "Cerberus (Greek: Κ*ρβερος, Kérberos) is the name given to the entity which, in Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed dog which guards the gates of Hades, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping." I hope that isn't what happens to all that taxpayer money across the River Potomac...

    Enough for now, I'll see you on the campaign trail!


    Senator Ken Cuccinelli

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    If the Libertarians put up a more Pro-gun candidate is it O.K. to post the solicitations for that candidate in the Virginia Forum?
    He wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to see. Pancho & Lefty

    The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us....There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! ...The war is inevitableand let it come! I repeat it, Sir, let it come . PATRICK HENRY speech 1776

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    John Brownlee seems to gaining some traction. He has already obtained the endorsement of many prosecutors and sheriffs.

    And, he will be able to campaign full-time and collect sizable campaign donations during the 2009 Session of the General Assembly, While Senator Cuccinelli cannot.

    Check out his boastful press release:

    November 18, 2008
    The Brownlee Report: 75 Sheriffs and Commonwealth's Attorneys support John Brownlee for Attorney General

    To my Republican friends:
    During my two terms as United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, I had the privilege of serving with many members and leaders of Virginia's law enforcement community. These great public servants make significant contributions to our Commonwealth and help Virginia remain one of our nation's safest states. I will always be grateful for their courage and dedication to public safety and the cause of justice.

    Virginia's law enforcement community has made it clear that they want a conservative prosecutor to serve as Virginia's next Attorney General. These brave leaders understand that protecting our citizens and making our neighborhoods safer are the top priorities for the next Attorney General.

    As the only prosecutor running for the Republican nomination for Attorney General, I am honored and grateful that the following Sheriffs and Commonwealth's Attorneys have endorsed my campaign for Attorney General.

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