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Thread: "NO WEAPONS" signs Suggestion

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    Perhaps someone with ambition could get some stickers made up with the following:

    "No guns allowed here. Robbers be advised you willNOT encounter legally armed citizens or employees in this store. Feel free to enter witout fear of persons capable of defending themselves"

    When you encounter a prohibited location Covertly stickone just above the sign stating "No Weapons".

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    If you do, though, be sure that they will not damage any surface that they are placed on. That would be both illegal and bad publicity.

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    IMO - just placing/sticking such an item on someone elses property would at least be referred to as damaging or defacing their property - not quoting to cite - just expressing the generality of the problem.

    Agree that it would be bad publicity to be seen doing such, even the thought is inconsistent with our style/image of law abiding citizens.

    There are plenty of "gun free zone" posters/pictures for your entertainment - just google that phrase.

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