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Thread: Jan/Feb OC event anyone?

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    The first one we set up went very well with only one week planning, so I'm hoping by getting the ball rolling a little earlier might create more of a turnout.

    Who's ready for an open carry event? Yes, yes, I know, it's friggin cold, but we can plan accordingly sono oneis left out in the cold. I'm going to start sending out PMs to anyone I notice is in the area with a link to this thread, so we can ALL help plan.

    First, we have a month set. (kinda)

    Second, we should try for a weekend with nice(er) weather. (duh)

    Third, when we get a list of people and places, we can make a central lacation to meet.

    Here is a link to the thread where all of the planning is going on:

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    I'm game, more so this time than in the pat when I was iffy.

    I'll try to get my gf to carry her 2" revolver on her hip too :P

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