Peter Winkler is Sen. Glenn Hegar's assistant that is handling open carry research and stuff. Sent him this email a few minutes ago.

I am remembering that I emailed you a while back to ask about Sen. Hegar introducing or supporting open carry legislation in the upcoming session and have not had a reply. I'm wondering what his plans are on this subject.I would love to know if he or anyone else is planning to take the firststepto restore our 2A rights in the state of Texas.

Maybethe Texas legislatureisgoing tolet SCOTUS do it for them. There are 2 cases coming to the Supreme Court this session that will be used to try to incorporate 2A into the states. Ifeither ofthese cases goes as planned,it will be all over anyway. D.C. v Heller plainly states that open carry is Constitutionally protected, concealed carry is not.

Dennis Patterson