so this story is not very long but while shopping at whole foods in louisville I was checking out when the girl who was ringing us up looked at me and asked, "is that a gun!!!:what:." I was taken at back and at first just said yes.
Then she turned back and whispered something to the guy behind her. Soon afterwards I did what I shouldn't have to do. I tried to explain myself. I babbled out something to the effect of, "It's perfectly legal... It's a right of every resident of the U.S." Certainly not as well articulate as I would have liked.
Afterwards my wife mentioned that I shouldn't be so snippy with people who asked since she was obviously surprised by me carrying.

I don't know if I really needed to say anything anyway since she didn't really ask me a follow up question. I thought over what I said and what she asked was the equivalent of me asking her, "why do you have a buzz cut.!!!" The young lady had very short hair which is not very common in this society. I know one does not have anything to do with the other. I just don't think that's the right way to ask something like that. IS THAT A GUN!!!, get's a lot of heads turning. At least in the future I won't try to explain myself for doing something that is suppose to be my right.