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Thread: New Texas Support

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    I am new here and this is my first post, though I have been reading and keeping up for several months.
    I have contacted John Davis, whom I've met in October, and he assured me in his support of our Second Amendment. I wrote him on the Open Carry issue and this is what I have received.
    I hope that you find someone to introduce this bill, there will be people waiting to see it.
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    Good to see. Doesn't look like he's ready to pull the trigger and sponsor the bill. Any support from the legislation looks good tho.

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    The big problem seems to be getting someone to actually SPONSOR a bill into the hopper. My Rep says he is an NRA member and supports the legislation, should it come to the floor...there's the rub...getting a bill introduced, through committee and to the floor for an open vote and on to Perry for his supposed support.

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