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Thread: Defending our rights in 2009

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    The second amendment needs YOU!
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    purchase permits.

    I believe this requirement was attacked last session as well, in the same bill that would have repealed the "registration" requirement.

    not sure about the best line of attack for this, but I think we should include the origins of the law(jim crow law), the repetitiveness of the law(already got the nics at the dealer, no need for nics with private, why for handguns?), the ineffectiveness of the law(criminals still get guns, why make it hard for the good guys), the cost of the law( it costs a hell of a lot for all that paperwork to be processed, filed, tracked, etc..)
    the inconvenience of the law, and the fact that without the registration(which we are already planning on attacking) the permits are absofreakinlutely stupid.

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