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Thread: Senator McDougle's Survey

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    I received a generic email from Senator McDougle soliciting for his "2009 General Assembly Survey." He has one 2A related question. It is
    Do you support or oppose a longer mandatory waiting period before the purchase of a firearm or the issuance of a "conceal and carry" permit?

    Hit it up if you're in Virginia State Senate district 4.

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    Delegate Amundson's survey does also.

    I wonder if this will be common to all representatives, and whether it shows the antis think they can get somewhere this year.

    Other surveys are at

    I'll have to wait until tomorrow to check them out; busy today.

    ETA: Did some checking. In addition to those above, the following legislators have some form of gun question in their 2009 questionnaires (most frequently "gun-show loophole" or localities banning guns in public buildings ... can you say repeal preemption?):

    Jim Scott
    Margaret Vanderhye
    Pollard *
    Ware *
    * I can't tell if these are 2009 surveys (Pollard and Ware)

    The following do NOT have gun questions in their 2009 surveys. That doesn't say they aren't interested, pro or con, but the question doesn't appear:

    Riley Ingram * (Again, I can't tell what year this is posted for)

    These are all available at the link above.

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