Janalee Tobias is a familiar name in my circles because she is a Utah woman who has taken on quite a few battles - one of them being gun control. I am also a Utah mother who will fight tooth and nail against gun control. I found out about Janaleeafter Ipassed an Adopt-a-Highway sign in downtown Salt Lake Citythat listed"Women Against Gun Control" as the sponsor.

Together with Janalee, we have started a facebook group with the same name as her own organization - Women Against Gun Control.This group is open to any facebook user and we encourage both men and women to join! There is currently a slew of pro-gun control groups on this social networking site, it is time there was one against it with more members than all of theirs combined.

Please help us get the facts to our young people who are being brainwashed in "higher education" institutions daily! I myself am just 23 and my friends cannot stand that I carry and support the second amendment as an individual right!

Thank you.


(Facebook profiles are free and easy to create, you can also keep your profile private. To find the group login to Facebook and search for Women Against Gun Control.)