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Thread: City of Ephrata

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    I got this back in response to my email from the City

    It is a very, very old section of Code, that may not reflect current
    law or City practices. I can assure you, as a shooter myself, that
    the City is not infringing upon anyone's 2nd Amendment rights. I
    agree that section of Code doesn't read right. I will look into this
    and send you an e-mail later today.

    I then got this

    We have alwaysinterpretedthat section of Code to mean that the Chief has theresponsibilityof ensuring applicants for a carry-permit meet all Federal and State regulations. However, as you correctly point out, it reads as if our Chief could arbitrarily restrict access to a concealed weapon permit. We will beamendingthis language at the 21 January 2009 meeting so that it reads more accurately. Thanks for pointing this out,

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    Nice, hope they follow through.
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