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Thread: Former AMA 250cc GP Racer Leon Cortes Kills Two Armed Robbers During Shootout In Costa Rica

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    During the mid 90s I roadraced superbikes all around the nation. I still read some of the news and keep up with events - this was a great read! One bad guy was hit five times and the other six - talk about great shooting downtown at high noon. No other injuries were reported. So much for innocent blood being spilled!


    Via e-mail:

    As you know bad news travels fast, unfortunately my brother Fred knew about the news over the TV in San Francisco CA where he is at before I was able to call him.

    Some of you have contact me already because bad news travels fast.

    Last Friday at about 11:30 a.m. I was involved in an assault against myself and I was shoot against me a few time thank God I came unhurt out of the deal. But I had to defend myself and I ended up killing the two suspects that tried to steal the money from my payroll and kill me to get it.

    Thank God I am OK and still alive, had to take my family out of the country and the next few weeks my life will be in a great danger because of all the threats that I have received.

    I wanted for all of you to hear about the news from me and not through some other source like my brother did.

    Hope I can get to see all of you soon throughout the time.

    Leon Cortes
    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Newspaper article:

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    If that happened here, he woulda beenhung out to dryquick. Dropping two dirtbags fleeing would have been no bueno. Still, adios to two badguys!!! Good shootin!!!

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    So what are the relevant laws for gun carry/possession in Costa Rica? I've heard it's a great place to visit or live as long as you stay on the beaten path.

    FWIW I think any gun crime that ends with the BGs assuming room temperature should be non-prosecutable.
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