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Thread: City of Blaine 12.32.060 Firearms and explosives

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    Spoke to Chief Mike Haslip today. He told me that he was not aware of the code prohibiting the carry of firearms in city parks.

    He has or will be sending a recommendation to the City Council to strike the language relating to the carrying of firearms from the city code and that he has sent a memo to all his officers to ensure that they will not be enforcing this provision.

    FWIW he also stated that this would not have been enforced as it is not a focus of theirs and he didn't think that citizens carrying lawful firearms was a problem. His exact words were "we are more focused on public safety and I don't think that citizens lawfully carrying firearms is a public safety issue". As near as I can remember, anyway. I probably should have transcribed the original message I got before I deleted it and called him back to chat.

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    How many cities does that make so far? I remember Nickels saying something about 25 cities having park bans on the books.

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