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Thread: Who needs a gun in an Airport

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    I didn't see this posted, yet. From the Washington Post

    Update at WTOP

    Man Held in Restroom Attack at National Airport
    A woman was attacked in a restroom yesterday at Reagan National Airport, and a man was arrested in the incident, an airport spokeswoman said.

    The attack occurred about 1 p.m. in Terminal A in an area outside the security screening perimeter, according to Courtney Prebich, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

    Prebich said a man apparently had been waiting inside the women's restroom. When the man attacked, the woman fought him and screamed, and two other men ran into the restroom to help her, Prebich said. The woman was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

    Prebich said the man, who provided no identification, was being held last night on a charge of attempted rape.

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    Sure, I'd like to have a gun in the airport. And on campus. Pretty much anywhere I go.

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    Well in this case it looks like it worked! I mean the perp didn't have a gun, so how could one come to any other conclusion?

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