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    I ran across a noteworthy website http://www.americanselfdefense.comthat seems to beaservice to those who carry. It is called ASDI. For $40.00/year it offers a monthly periodical of pertinent realted material. Just someof the topics have been onself defense rights, issues while carrying, how to talk to those who areanti-gun withgreat comebacks,what to do if youdo ever are involved in ashooting, etc.Plusyou are provided with a gun rights lawyer for the first 72 hoursshould you bein a legal confrontationwhere you had to useyour firearm or arebeing detainedand questioned by the police.As a member of ASDI, should this happenASDI strongly urges you to shut your mouth,call them on their 800 number and let them do the talking.

    I have found some of there reading very beneficial. Anycomments?

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    $49.95 = $50.00 per year.

    Each to there own, not for me. Information is available through free sites and first 72 hours of attorney benefits is not in itself enticing.

    Sounds like good business opportunity though. Wonder what their annuity/profit curve is. $50.00 X 10,000 = $500,000.00! I am sure that the "coverage is reasonably restrictive too. What happens when you are charged but claim self-defense?

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