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Thread: Support gun rights in ND!

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    I'm pleased to announce that a bill was introduced today in the ND Legislature that, if passed, will make Concealed Carry Permit holders exempt from the restrictions put in place by the pesky "Public Gathering" clause in ND Law (Forbidding us to carry at "sporting events, schools or school functions, churches or church functions, political rallies or functions, musical concerts, and individuals in publicly owned parks where hunting is not allowed by proclamation and publicly owned or operated buildings.")

    While this technically affects Concealed Carry more than Open Carry, if the law passes, I'm nearly positive that you would be able to Open Carry in places you're forbidden to at the present time as well, so long as you would have a CCW Permit (I'm no lawyer though, so don't quote me).

    Here's the page on the ND Legislature's website for the bill:

    And the full text of the bill (in .PDF Format):

    I cannot take credit for this bill, as it came to be from the efforts of an ordinary ND Citizen who contacted his representative Duane DeKray, and urged him that the issue of a "Public Gathering" restriction on CCW Permits be addressed this legislative session.

    You can bet that the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus chapter at UND, which I am president of, will be fully behind this bill, as well as the SCCC Chapter at NDSU. But we can't do this alone...

    Contact your Representatives and urge them to cosponsor and support Bill 1348 TODAY!

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    So, what happened with this bill?

    As I read the restrictions on where a person can carry in North Dakota, it looks like there are far places you can't carry than you can.

    I know I am an out-of-stater, but I just learned that my son-in-law is on the short list of candidates for a job in Hillsboro, so I now have more than just a general interest in North Dakota gun laws since I will be spending time there.

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