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    As I posted in the topic having to do with the list of cities and their firearm laws I sent an email to the Kittitas City Council. Anyoo I just got off the phone with a council member who actually called me 10 minutes after I sent the email! He seemed very interested in making sure that they are conforming with Washington State law and would bring the issue up right away to the rest of the council and city attorney tomorrow at their council meeting. I have a good feeling about it as he very VERY friendly about it and said he would email me after the meeting about it tomorrow or give me a call on Friday. He also thanked me for bringing it to his attention and admitted that a lot of the laws in Kittitas are old and he is working to bring them up to date. I know Kittitas is a smaller town but every little bit helps when it comes to getting the word out that cities cannot restrict the carry of firearms other then the few exceptions.

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    Good job, Izzle!

    Good on the council member, too. What a concept! "We want to follow the law."

    Sounds just like Port of Seattle, doesn't it? Sarcasm /off. Thanks Izzle.


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