I typed an email to the Attorney General's office regarding any restrictions that his office could tell me about regarding Open Carry in the state, this is how it went:

Dear Mr. Bullock,

I'm hoping you might be able to answer some questions for me. I've lived in
Montana my whole life, I was born in Missoula and raised in the Flathead and
other that increasing property prices and other such stuff going up I wouldn't
live any other place in the world! This truly is God's Country!
My questions are pertaining to the legality of lawfully carrying firearms in
the state! I am aware of the restrictions and the guidelines set forth for
carrying concealed, but my questions specifically pertain to carrying in the
open! Not concealed! I realize it isn't lawful to carry a firearm concealed or
not into any government building, school, financial institution, anywhere that
alcohol is sold, dispensed and consumed or any other place that publicly
restricts such actions! Could you tell me what other restrictions are in place
in the state of Montana for it's citizens who opt to carry openly!
Any assistance, answers or advice you might be able to provide me with on this
subject would be greatly appreciated!

Please know that with your permission I would like to share any and all
answers you might give me with a small group of friends that I discuss this
kind of stuff with! Again, thank you for your help and time in reading this
email. I'm sorry for making it so lengthy!



The reply from his office:


The Attorney General's office maintains the following web site relative to carrying concealed weapons in Montana. Open carry is permitted unless otherwise restricted by state law:


It doesn't really tell me much that I wasn't aware of already but I guess it was an anwer nonetheless!