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Thread: UOC everyday in LA now

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    Sooo i turned 21 may 2008

    I had moved here from Arizona where i always loved firearms and my country for giving me the right to carry one once i was of legal age.

    I had always wanted to excersize my rights as an American. and promised myself i would always carry every day open or concealed once i was of legal age.

    I bought myself a springfield XD and a smith and wesson sigma both 40 cals. you know as a little christmas present to myself.

    So since december i have actually been Unloaded Open Carrying.
    I had called my local Sheriff department to ask about the laws and what could possibly happen if i was stopped while open carrying.

    The deputy told me that it was a stupid idea unless i wanted to be hassled possibly arrested and pick my weapons up on a later date from the courts.

    I disregarded his comments and went on with my life still unloaded open carrying my firearms in a Blackhawk holster on my belt. knowing the actual laws and penal codes thanx to the help of you guys at this forum.

    I go just about everywhere with my sidearm. Except for a few places where i do choose to leave my pistol and ammo locked separate in my car... Only to avoid stupid people asking stupid questions if they happen to see me carrying.

    But just a few days ago i came across the post on here and calguns forums about the LA county DA memo sent out about the actual UOC penal codes and what not.

    Thinking that the memo was too good to be true.. And how many officers would actually abide by the new rules set forth in the memo on how to handle a law abiding person carrying a unloaded firearm in the open.

    I decided to yet once again contact my local sheriff department (only one light signal down the street from my house) and i again asked the deputy about the laws on Unloaded Open Carry.

    the deputy thus told me "It is your 2nd Amendment right"
    "As long as it is UNLOADED and clearly visible, you are within the laws"


    as to just a month early i was laughed at when i asked the questions.

    So Please every one of you on this forum, PLEASE OPEN CARRY

    Open Carry anywhere and everywhere unless you know by law you are not supposed to have a firearm at a specific location PLEASE CARRY.

    LA County should set up a Meet, maybe a BBQ and a stop at a local range.

    America... **** YEA!!!!

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    That's hilarious (and great) that the sheriff office changed their public opinion on open carrying. Congrats and thanks for being out there!

    I'm looking forward to any daily posts you may write.

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