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Thread: OC supportive polos

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    I'm thinking about having a run of OC supportive polos.

    A small logo of some sort on the breast, with a short and sweet statement relating to the safe/legal practice of firearm ownership/carrying.

    Would anyone be interested? I'm thinking they'd run ~30$ a piece, +/- a bit.

    I'm getting polos made for my company, so I figured I'd throw it out there, and I can just include them with my order....

    I'm open to ideas, but I got to put these together in the next week or so...

    I can get sizes from XS-6X
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    Darn so close to my idea, I have a more controversial idea for shirts I have been kicking around.....just got to come up with the right slogan. But I like yours for everyday wear I'd buy one if I had the cash.
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    I'll take one size large black or dark blue which ever you're having done.....Love the idea.

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    Already been done. John and Mike have an apparel link on the homepage.
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