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    Hey guys, I just want to thank and all the people on here for your encouraging stories, support and camaraderie in the Open Carry movement. I am glad to see that the word is getting out there and that people are taking notice and realizing that we need to fight back against the endless barrage of discrimination and misinformation concerning the citizens and patriots that hold their 2nd Amendment rights so dear.

    With that said, I am planning to divide some of my internet forum activities amongst and For too long I have neglected this site and I am going to make amends for that situation.

    In case no one has seen it yet, I currently tend to a blog about my open carry experiences. The address is

    Also, for all the new OC'ers in the San Diego area, I would like to make my services known as an OC buddy and if you make arrangements with me I will be more than happy to accompany you on your first and possibly subsequent OC adventures.

    Thanks again to everyone on this site that is making it happen!




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    Nice blog! Wish I could carry with you and your group, but I live, work and go to school (unfortunately) in LA. Keep up the good work!

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