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Thread: MMM Advocacy Day

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    I just recieved an email from the local MMM chapter (yes, I am a mole ), below is the text of that email. Not sure how many folks they are expecting to have attend with only a few days notice:

    Dear Virginia Member,
    This Monday, January 26, please join the Virginia Million Mom March Chapters, Brady Campaign, Virginia Center for Public Safety, and other groups at our annual Advocacy Day in Richmond. Here are the details:
    Please Join Us As We Call for Sensible Gun Laws on

    We will be traveling to the State Capitol in Richmond to meet with our elected officials and ask them to enact sensible gun laws to help protect Virginia's families:

    -Close the gun show loophole so that criminals and other ineligible buyers cannot buy guns without undergoing a background check.
    Click here to tell the Courts of Justice Committee to pass SB 1257

    -Keep guns out of our schools and off college campuses in the state.

    -Oppose efforts to weaken Virginia's current gun laws.

    Please join us and help make a difference. No experience needed!

    Click below for their agenda/schedule

    Maybe some of you Richmond folks can attend? I am seriously thinking of taking a day of leave to attend to counter lobby.

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    Gee, they're not coming on Lobby Day anymore? We must have hurt their feelings or made them look silly or something.

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    I'll be in richmond for a meeting at 11. Any time before/that afternoon I'm game to help out.

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