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    I never see anyone open carry in Greenville/Pitt County. Anyone here do it?Crime has gotten so rampant here I expect/hope to see to start seeing it.

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    Yes I open carry in Pitt County/Greenville. I started the day I got my first handgun. That was on Jan 4 2009. This site was one of the main reason I decided to start opening carrying. So far I have had no trouble of any type. When I picked up my permit from sherrif I even let them know that I planned to open carry(came up when they ask if I like to have contact information to local cc classes) and they seemed very supportive of the idea of me OC in their area(still no run ins with Greenville PD or the ECU PD though.)
    I am still alittle weary on going around the ECU areas because it can be hard to tell what is campus grounds and what isn't. I believe that is something that needs to be worked on. I can understand but no agree to the no carry on "minor school grounds" but an university should be an area of legal adults(16 year of age or older) to converse on ideas. No reason to ban weapons in an area designed for adults to assemble and coverse in.
    Also been wondering what happens when I go to the doctor's area in Greenville. Most of them are private owned but most also seem to have programs with ECU. So deos that make those areas fall under the no carry school laws or not? Like when you visted the hosiptal half is owned my the State of NC while the other half is owned by PCMH. To looked at how property is divided and who owns it you can look at this website( ). The PCMH parcel # is [size]029132 and [size]031735. You can change views between aerial and city properties to help find the boundary lines easier.

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