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Thread: help antigun people

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    go to and click on forums then click on st bernard look at post 56871 my user name there is ryan26 I am being overwhelmed by people against guns I need cooler heads to post some good points for open carry thanks please educate them

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    I went to the forum and read the posts. You are just beating your head against a virtual wall. The guy is a nut who enjoys argueing on the internet. His whole thing about yelling "He's Got A Gun!!!" in Home Depot and tucking his 9 in his pants is just more internet BS. Don't waste your time.

    By the way, regarding open carry and hoster vs tucked in your pants, neither mode of carry is illegal. The pistol doesn't have to be in a actual holster. It can be tucked behind your belt, in your pants or stuffed halfway into a pocket. As long as it's visible and you can tell its a gun, ie the grip and hammer is sticking out visible, then it's open carried and legal. Of course you bend over to pick up a pennyon the side walk and it falls out and hits the ground you may attract someunwanted attention.Otherwise you get case laws like in mississippi where even in a holster the gun is partially concealed by the holster itself so then it's considered a concealed weapon. And that's just stupid.
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    Ryan, I carried Chihuahua Mexican x-draw for years without incident in SC where CCW is the only legal carry for a citizen.

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