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Thread: People complaining in regards to their weapon(s)(gun, pepperspray, knife, flashlight) moving around

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    I've been reading forums for a while and have read various complaints.

    Example 1.
    I've seen someone complaining on a forum how their pepper spray container floated around uncomfortably, which might also pose risk of an accidental discharge if they've more objects in their pocket

    Example 2.
    I see similar people complaining about high intense flashlights and pocket torches.

    Example 3.
    I see people who are complaining about putting handcuffs in their back pockets complaining, "it hurts"

    SOLUTION: Get a duty belt, belt keepers, PROPER holders, and stop complaining on forums...

    Don't have the money, well don't carry or stop complaining. It also has to do with representation. I dislike how some people even open carry with clothes which are clearly not in good repair, and they wonder why people are giving them a hard time.
    Gays are prominent members of firearm rights, we do more via the courts, don't like it? Leave.
    Religious bigots against same sex marriage are not different than white supremacists.
    I expel anti-gay people off my teams. Tolerance is key to team cohesion and team building.

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    Great points, all of them. If you're going to carry all of the tools a LEO carries, why not use the tool the LEO uses to carry them?

    As for the clothing in disrepair while carrying, I'd expand on that to include clothing that might not mix well with firearms. For example, I have a shirt from a band in Finland named Finntroll. The front is a simple little band logo but the back has a rather humorous comment (for those who know what the band is singing about) that says "Putting the laughter in manslaughter since 1994." The shirt in and of itself can be explained to anyone who is curious about why they're joking about laughter / manslaughter spelling similarities. The firearm in and of itself can be explained with some basic Constitutional law comments and a polite conversation. Trying to explain the shirt and the gun at the same time would not be easy, especially in front of a jury after a defensive shooting.

    EDIT: Allow me to add that I never wear that shirt when I'm OC'ing and I rarely wear it when I'm CC'ing either.

    Long story short, we all shouldthink very carefully about what we're wearing when we OC. (and I haven't even gotten into gang colors or looking like a Hell's Angel either...)

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