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    Dropped the truck off for rotate, balance, and oil change at the Tire Kingdom in Metairie. Had to go get my bag and gun out of the truck before I handed over my keys. Walked back in with my gun on my belt. Manager/and or employees did not say a word or really stare at my gun. Called my brother for ride to pick me up. Employee told me there was a waiting room. Walked back to the waiting room and 2 ladies were in there as well. I sat down, opened by bag pulled out my book and started studying till my brother called to tell me he was outside. The 2 ladies did not say a word nor did they walk out. I was just minding my own business. I have been reading the forum for a while, but this is my first post and first time I open carried. I would love to eventually participate in the meetups but right now I am studying hard soI can further secure my future.

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    Glad that went well for you.
    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    Him: "I carry my gun concealed"
    Me: "You're not very good at it"
    Him: "What do you mean?"
    Me: "I know you have a gun"
    End of conversation.

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