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Thread: VA-ALERT: Legislative Update / ACTION ITEMS 1/26/09

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    VA-ALERT: Legislative Update / ACTION ITEMS 1/26/09

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    From: Philip Van Cleave
    Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 7:46 PM
    Subject: VA-ALERT: Legislative Update / ACTION ITEMS 1/26/09

    VCDL's meeting schedule:
    Abbreviations used in VA-ALERT:


    Several Senators changed their vote from last year and voted by the
    narrowest of margins (8-7) to pass Senator Marsh's gun show bill, SB
    1257, out of committee today. :-(

    After Senator Marsh explained his bill to the committee, Marsh called
    the Secretary of Public Safety to speak on the bill's behalf. After
    the Secretary spoke, Senator Stolle grilled him and got the Secretary
    to admit that he had no data to back up his claim that Marsh's bill
    was needed to stop criminals from getting guns at gun shows.

    Each side then got 10 minutes to speak.

    The antis, who believe that every word they say is golden and should
    be savored by all in the room, as usual went way over time. They
    would either be droning on and on or they would be like anti-gun Abby
    Spangler (Stop Easy Guns) and scream at the committee, drowning out
    anti-gun Senator Howell who was trying to tell Abby her time is up,
    and threaten the committee members with political holocaust if they
    don't vote for Marsh's bill.

    Also speaking in favor of Marsh's bill was the Virginia PTA. Parents
    - if you are a member of the PTA, it is definitely time to get out of
    that organization.

    Senator Creigh Deeds then offered an amendment that would exempt CHP
    holders from having to do a background check when purchasing a firearm
    from a private seller. It also exempted antique firearms from needing
    a background check.

    Sorry, Senator, but that is unacceptable. We are not going to support
    a "divide and conquer" plan.

    The amended bill still REQUIRES most gun owners to have a mandatory
    background check when purchasing a firearm in a private transaction.
    And the damage to the gun shows having to setup all kinds of
    procedures to handle those background checks for those who aren't
    exempted will be just as bad as it would be without the exemptions.

    Just because some of us would be exempt means nothing. Permit holders
    will NOT abandon non-permit holders and embrace gun control.

    Senator Edwards offered to completely replace the modified bill with
    one that simply allowed for private sellers to have the OPTION of
    running a background check on the person they were selling a gun to.
    That bill substitution failed.

    Finally the bill came up for a vote with the Deeds amendment. Before
    the vote, Senator Norment chastised the antis for their behavior. He
    said that they hurt their own cause.

    Norment looked at the antis and said that he did not appreciate being
    threatened politically. He then said that he would vote for Marsh's
    bill anyhow!!!

    So Norment basically gave the antis a signal that if they were abusive
    toward him, they would get their way.

    Even anti-gun Senator Saslaw dressed down the anti-gunners - that's
    how bad they were.

    Here is the vote. Three Senators who claim to be pro-gun sold you
    out - Quayle, Norment, and Deeds. The rest who voted wrong, always
    vote wrong:

    Voting anti-gun:

    Marsh (D), Salsaw (D), ***Quayle (R)***, ***Norment (R)***, Howell
    (D), Lucas (D), Puller (D), ***Deeds (D)***

    Voting pro-gun:

    Stolle (R), Edwards (D), Reynolds (D), Cuccinelli (R), Obenshain (R),
    McDougle (R), Hurt (R)


    Two other gun bills came up this morning, with more shenanigans by
    Senator Marsh, the committee chairman.

    Senator Watkins’s bill that would make raise the gun purchase
    background check tax by 150%, SB 1166, also passed. Senators
    Cuccinelli and Stolle grilled Senator Watkins on his bill. The
    committee chair, anti-gun Senator Marsh, did not allow any public
    input and the bill passed out of committee without allowing me to
    comment on it. This bill is bad and needs to be stopped.

    Here is the vote on SB 1166. Four Senators who claim to be pro-gun
    voted wrong - Quayle, Norment, Stolle, and Deeds. The rest who voted
    wrong, always vote wrong:

    Voting against gun owners - Marsh (D), Saslaw (D), ***Stolle (R)***,
    ***Quayle (R)***, ***Norment (R)***, Howell (D), Lucas (D), Puller
    (D), ***Deeds (D)***

    Voting with gun owners - Edwards (D), Reynolds (D), Cuccinelli (R),
    Obenshein (R), McDougle (R), Hurt (R)


    Finally, Senator Marsh's concealed weapon bill that makes various
    changes to Virginia’s concealed weapon laws came up today. Senators
    Norment and Stolle grilled the witness for the bill, Lt. Col. Robert
    Kemmler with the Virginia State Police.

    Stolle suggested that the *requirement* for training be dropped!

    The committee discussed what that might do to reciprocity and they
    decided to investigate that and look at the idea again next year.

    The committee did vote to drop the wording that bans online training,
    as suggested by Senator Stolle. Senators Stolle and Cuccinelli tried
    to substitute Cuccinelli’s wording that specifically says that online
    training is OK, but that was rejected.

    I stood up to speak on the bill and Senator Marsh was about to start
    the vote without giving me a chance to speak.

    Senator Reynolds stopped the vote to make sure I had a chance to speak
    - Senator Marsh looked like he had just ate a huge lemon. He wanted
    desperately to ignore me and it didn't work. ;-)

    I objected to out of state permits and non-resident permits that
    already have photos be required to show yet another form of photo-id.

    The bill, minus the wording banning online training, but with the
    absurd double photo-id requirement still in tact, passed out of
    committee unanimously.



    This is the third time in history that the gun show bill has made it
    out of committee - in this case it just barely squeaked out.

    As in the past, we need to make sure that the bill dies on the Senate
    Floor and time is of the essence.

    We NEED TO contact our Senators and make sure that friends, family,
    and coworkers do the same.

    To send a message to your Senator to kill Marsh's gun show bill, SB
    1257, click here:



    If you are a constituent of Senator Deeds, Norment or Quayle, you need
    to let them know that their support for gun control is unacceptable.

    Here is their email addresses and phone numbers:

    Creigh Deeds

    Thomas K. Norment

    Frederick M. Quayle

    Suggested email:


    As a constituent, I am very disappointed in your vote to support gun
    control. Senator Marsh's bill SB 1257, which forces background
    checks on all private sales at a gun show, is still a bad bill, even
    with an exemption for concealed handgun permit holders and antiques.

    This bill is going to damage an important business in Virginia, gun
    shows, and will have nothing to show for it in reduced crime.

    Instead, it lays the foundation for a private sale registration scheme
    requiring all private sales no matter where they take place to go
    through a dealer.

    I urge you to drop your support for this atrocity and vote against the
    bill on the Senate Floor.

    Please let me know what you are going to do to correct your bad vote.


    ************************************************** *************************
    VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
    (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization
    dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to
    Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

    VCDL web page:
    ************************************************** *************************

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    Carry On.


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    Something changed!! I can not send the messages using Firefox only IE!!
    Has anyone else noticed this?

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    Done, also.

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    Toad wrote:
    Something changed!! I can not send the messages using Firefox only IE!!
    Has anyone else noticed this?
    Firefox continues to work fine for me. You must have local problem.

    Yata hey
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    Done. Watkins is my rep. I also asked him for justification for his own bill, why it is not just a revenue grab.
    Remember Peter Nap and Skidmark. Do them proud. Be active. Be well informed. ALL rights matter.

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    Yes I carry a Bible and a Gun, your point.
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