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Thread: State parks draw near-record number

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    Apparently guns are good for State Parks. Not only is there no blood in the parks but attendance is at record levels. From The RTD:

    Published: January 27, 2009
    More than 7.2 million people visited Virginia's state parks last year -- the second highest total in park history. The 2008 figure was down slightly from the 7.4 million visitors in 2007.
    "Despite record-high gas prices and a serious downturn in the economy, millions of people continue to turn to Virginia State Parks as a vacation destination," Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Director Joseph H. Maroon said today.

    State Parks Attendance Increase

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    deleted.... I wasn't paying attention

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    Virginia's State Parks are the nation's best.

    We've got the awards to back it up.
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    What no rampant gun wielding crazies? How could that be?
    Yes I carry a Bible and a Gun, your point.
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