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    Californians prepare me to open carry in your state.

    I'm from nevada so our states have completely different rules to play by. I'm in the airforce stationed at Edwards afb and want to help the people here get accustomed to folks with firearms. The more they see it, the more they'll accept it, the more they'll consider carrying firearms and exercise their rights as well.

    i need a pamphlet for open carry like we have over in the nevada forum.

    I need info on little tid bits like:
    -classes i may have to take
    -is my ruger p345 okay for carry
    -i heard something about a drop test
    -open carry in both kern counties (cal city) and lancaster/palmdale areas.
    -Can I even legally carry in your state since i'm not a resident?

    Thank you much

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    For open carry read everything at

    For the other questions there are threads over at (detailed answers to your questions are the specialty of many over there)

    Pistol/revolver registration is only neededIF you are moving into the state. Longarms are not registered (except for CA"assault weapons") and you can't registerthem any more (much more info at calguns on lawful center fire semi auto AR/AK rifles called OLLs (off list lowers) which ARE legal toown in CA).

    Can't bring in any magazines with a capacity of over 10 rds. Can't bring in any pistols with threaded barrels (they are AWs in CA)

    The drop test is only for new pistols bought from an FFL and doesn't apply to those brought in by visitors or new residents.

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    PM me as to where you work on base. I also work on Edwards, maybe we can do lunch and talk over OC in CA.

    Look in the California Forum, there are a couple of pamphlets, I did up one of them here:

    -Registration: As a member of the Military you are exempt from the "personal handgun importer" part of the California law. You don't need to register anything.

    -classes i may have to take: There are no mandatory classes required to carry a handgun in California. However, the more training you get the better prepared you will be for whatever might happen. I recommend you take whatever classes you feel would best prepare you for the possibilities. Firearm retention, tactical training, whatever you feel comfortable taking.

    -is my ruger p345 okay for carry: Should be no problems as long as it doesn't have a threaded barrel, a magazine that insert in front of the handgrip, and as long as you don't have any magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

    -i heard something about a drop test: N/A on the drop test, that is for new guns being sold in CA. It doesn't apply to firearms you already own.

    -open carry in both kern counties (cal city) and lancaster/palmdale areas: In Kern County you shouldn't expect too much trouble. Be aware however, that California City is one of the largest incorporated areas in the whole state (land wise, not population), and you cannot carry loaded in any incorporated city. Lancaster/Palmdale shouldn't be much of a problem either as long as you are fully aware of your surrounding and aviod getting within 1,000 feet of K-12 school property (that goes for anywhere in CA for that matter)

    -Can I even legally carry in your state since i'm not a resident?: There is no requirement to be a resident, although you are considered a resident just by being stationed here. You won't have to pay the taxes, but you are afforded the benefits of any other resident.

    One other thing, DO NOT carry your gun on base. If you are traveling through the base with your gun, lock it in a case, and put the case in the trunk. Keep the ammunition either locked in a different case, or keep it in the passenger compartment. Drive in one gate and out the other without stopping anywhere other than stop signs. The only exception is if you are dropping your gun off at the armory for them to store it. The base has it's own rules and being military you are subject to them. There have been a couple of court martials of people who didn't properly transport their guns on base.

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