Kidnapping is OK, but gun ownership is not!

January 29, 2009 12:36 am

Sportsmen and gun owners should be prepared to lose their Second Amendment rights.

President Obama, along with his gun-hating vice president, have stacked the deck with the appointments of Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff and Eric Holder as attorney general.

These four, along with Nancy Pelosi and a Democratic Congress, spell certain death for the Second Amendment. They are strong advocates of banning gun ownership by citizens and are now in position to carry out their fervor.

As deputy attorney general under President Clinton, Mr. Holder worked hard to restrict gun ownership. However, he had no such compunction to restrict their use in the predawn kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez in 2000.

Elian and his mother fled Cuba, and his mother died at sea; Elian was sheltered by relatives in Florida. Castro wanted him back, and Janet Reno and Eric Holder were only too happy to oblige.

Mr. Holder claimed the paramilitary predawn invasion of the 6-year-old's home was necessary because the family "might" have a handgun.

Readers will remember the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of a federal agent pointing a machine gun at the terrified child.

Mr. Holder claimed the agents acted "very sensitively." That is, if you assume that breaking down the door with a battering ram at night and pointing a machine gun at a child is "very sensitive."

This is the same man who pleaded with President Clinton to gain a pardon for Marc Rich, a wanted fugitive.

Gun owners who voted for Mr. Obama are about to get their wish--at best, severe restrictions on gun ownership, and at worst, confiscation.

It happened in Australia under the guise of a "buy-back" program. The U.S. is next.

Joe Sucha